Through these pages the Miguel Mujica Gallo Foundation wishes to show the world the beauty and quality of the works of different cultures, both from our Peruvian heritage, as seen in the Gold Museum of Peru, and from the different countries around the world, through the Weapons of the World Museum . We must give emphasis to the fact that the pieces were collected by a committed Peruvian who dedicated much of his life and fortune in favor of culture.

Our Foundation was created for selfless purposes, to protect the permanence of Museums and for them to become, both now and in the future, a tourist attraction of our beloved city.

Miguel Mujica Gallo, born in Lima , was a distinguished gentleman and a businessman linked to various economic activities in his country. Above all, he was an internationally renowned collector: a cultured man, passionate about the great historical and artistic tradition of Peru . However, his interest and curiosity spread to other nations as well, and to the most remote areas of this country, as evidenced by anyone who visits his extraordinary collection of weapons and firearms: twenty thousand pieces of all the different eras and countries - one of the most remarkable private collections in the world.

During his numerous trips around the globe, he gradually gathered fascinating pieces and weapons - some of them true gems - that belonged to famous historical personalities. Works that are presently exhibited in an environment conditioned to receive the public and transport it to other times in history.