Palio textil de algodón teñido
Túnica (unco) con aplicaciones de oro
Corona confeccionada a base de plumas


Visiting the Museums Gold of Perú and Weapons of the World is like going back to pre-hispanic stage, where besides finding archeological gold pieces, you can also find a huge variety of textiles, knitted feathers, vases, pottery objects and ceramic that represented the population customs and traditions as well as the mummified personages.

We can also find in this Museum; weapons from 1200 B.C., all kind of uniforms that belonged to war men from different times and places, horse saddles, spurs, armours and similar objects that set a time in history.

Undoubtedly, we are certain, the visitant will be able to find a wide selection of pre-hispanic treasures capable to develop consciousness about the ancient Perú and the rest of the world.