In ancient times, men exhibited their wealth through their weapons: gold and diamonds, emeralds and opals, rubies and turquoises decorated their swords and sables. The hilts and shield were handcrafted by talented craftsmen, with such art that they conjured fantastic animals and flowers, engraving and sculpturing them on the weapons they manufactured.

From its most distant origins, the sword has been a symbol of authority and leadership; which virtues are manifested in chivalry and courage.

The handgun, small cannon, culverin, shotgun, harquebus and the Italian pistols of the mid-14th Century were a considerable modification of the primitive weapons, such as the crossbow.

The wheel mechanism and the silica caused the combustion of the blasting charge; which was later replaced by the agate, because this mineral had a greater consistency, followed by the harquebus, rifle and carbine. Firearms evolved slowly and it was during the course of the first thirty years of the second half of the 19th Century that large changes in individual arms were produced: an essential change in the technique, an industrial revolution. Thus, between 1850 and 1860, the cylinder-ogival missile was introduced, with an increase in range and improvement of accuracy. During the period 1860 – 1866, with the outbreak of the American Civil War and the Prussian-Austrian War, the metal cartridge that simplifies the weapon was permanently adopted. In 1878, coinciding with the war between Russian and Turkey, the repeater was adopted.
To tour the Weapons of the World Museum is to go back in time, traveling the world and history: admiring the swords and daggers, uniforms, spears, guns and pistols of different civilizations and changing cultures.

Tizona de lazo perteneciente a Francisco Pizarro
Yelmo de armadura francesa renacentista
Cuchillo chino de plata
Pareja de pistolas de chispa y abancarga
Pareja de revolveres Colt calibre 45
Revolver 12 cartuchos
Espadachín perteneciente al Rey Luis I de Baviera
Espada que perteneneció al Marques de Lafayette
Puñal egipcio hecho de obsidiana
Carabina Checoslovaca